Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anxious about debt problems? A prepaid credit card could help

Money worries can affect everyone at some stage. The Citizen's Advice Bureau has reported dealing with over 9000 new debt-related problems every day in England and Wales alone*. This striking statistic means that although many people are anxious about debt, they are also eager to stop the decline into even more debt.

One solution which people can consider is switching their finances to a prepaid credit card. Prepaid credit cards could help people from sliding further into debt by reducing banking costs, enabling better budgeting and also reinvigorating poor credit ratings.
Many consumers might be wary of switching to a prepaid card for fear they may be declined or it will be recorded on their credit history.

However, for prepaid credit cards like the Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard, acceptance is guaranteed and there are no credit checks preformed upon application. This makes prepaid credit cards a viable option to those who are worried about or have had a poor credit history in the past.

In fact, the Cashplus prepaid card can actually help people rebuild their credit rating through their add-on product, Creditbuilder. This product lasts for 12 months and is a small loan of one year's monthly fees for owning the card. As the customer successfully repays their small monthly fee, Cashplus reports this activity to credit reference agencies. As long as the customer meets their monthly commitments and any other outstanding credit obligations, they should see their credit rating improve.

The Cashplus prepaid card can also be used as an alternative to a bank account. Therefore if someone has had trouble getting a bank account in the past or is new to the UK, a Cashplus prepaid credit card could be the answer. The Cashplus card account could present savings when compared to high street bank accounts by not charging fees associated with overdrafts, late payments or deposits. For those who are new to the UK or have had credit problems in the past, the Creditbuilder feature of a Cashplus card could help them on the road to easier and cheaper credit in the future.

As prepaid cards have to be topped up with money before it can be spent, those who are worried about overspending can easily keep track of their regular outgoings. Furthermore, topping up a prepaid credit card can be quick and convenient. The Cashplus prepaid card can be topped up via bank transfer, at over 1000 retail stores, epay outlets or at any UK Post Office location nationwide.

Therefore, switching to a prepaid credit card such as the Cashplus card could help reduce debt worry by helping people control their spending, reducing banking costs and even rebuilding their credit rating. This could in turn help people from getting further into debt.

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