Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Win at Penny Auctions

Love shopping online? Want to know how you can get the hottest brands for the lowest prices? Check out BidCandy.com, one of the newest and BidCandy.com, the on the Net, hosts penny auctions online featuring brand name products, such Sony 3D TVs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and much more. Membership is free! Sign up and get five free bids! where you can purchase the latest products from Apple, Sony and other bestselling brands at a fraction of retail prices.

What is BidCandy.com? It is a unique platform designed to reinvigorate the traditional online bidding experience. It is incredibly fun and among the most trustworthy and best penny auctions online. Here you can save a ridiculous amount of money through penny auctions, which are growing so popular because it's now one of the cheapest ways to get that special gift for yourself or a loved one.

Why should you try penny auction sites? They allow you to buy items you have been meaning to get for yourself at a big discount. Some penny auction shoppers have so much fun they don't imagine going back to traditional mall shopping for electronics and gadgets.

There is some risk involved in that you might not get the item you want, but those who claim to be the best penny auction site like BidCandy.com pamper their customers with a convenient Buy It Now option so you can get the item no matter if you win the bid auction or not.

The trick to winning an auction is to have enough bids to outlast your opponents. Though you cannot see them, it is fairly easy to discourage someone else by showing you are more interested in the item. If you have enough bids (which can be bought cheaper by bulk) you have a higher chance of winning it all.

Even if you lose at first, my advice is to learn from your mistakes and to keep on bidding; you never know what type of deals you will find each day. Browse BidCandy.com and you will see a constant stream of products to choose from. Try bidding at different times of the day to see what is being offered and to see when you have the least competition.

Here are a few more tips to remember while bidding to better your chances:

1. Bid on low activity auctions rather than the more lucrative high activity bids.
2. Have the mindset to win at all costs. There is no second place consolation prize.
3. Wait until the bid is close to ending. Bidding early and heavily can be a waste of bids.
4. Try to have a budget and a game plan on what products you will want to win.

What makes BidCandy.com stand apart from other penny auction sites is that there are achievements you can earn while spending time at the website. The thought of earning bonus bids for logging on, visiting daily and winning a certain number of auctions makes the shopping more fun than ever.

There are also bonuses for signing up or promoting the auction site through your social media network. Shoppers who accrue these bonus bids can spend them on and win even more items.

BidCandy.com also implements a Bid Wizard to help manage all-day bidding. You won't feel tied down to the computer since the BidWizard, when programmed correctly, can help you win bids even when you're out working or eating dinner with the family. The bidding parameters feel intuitive and make you feel in control of your bidding strategy.

So try the best penny auction site BidCandy.com now and get one of those electronic gadgets you have been pining for. Go participate in a laptop auction and get a brand new state-of-the-art model for a fraction of the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Check out the cheapest online deals from the hottest brands out there, only at BidCandy.com.

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